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Our History

Jamia Darul uloom Al Islamia, Pallandri is the premier and oldest religious educational institution in Azad Kashmir. It was started in 1934, the days of destitution and deprivation from a modest beginning of contribution in the shape of atta muthi, i.e. separating a handful of flour every day. Since then it has been rendering meritorious service in imparting religious education to not only the people of Azad Kashmir but also other parts of the world, particularly Pakistan. The institution took a new turn when its administration was taken over by Maulana Mohammad Yousaf Khan, the most obedient and learned pupil of Sheikh ul Arab and Ajjam Syedna Maulana Hussain Ahmed Madni.

It was sheer because of dedication, devotion and untiring efforts of Maulana Mohammad Yousaf Khan, that this seedling planted by him turned into a fully fledged garden which began to emit its fragrance all around. The whole area began to benefit from the torch lighted by the Maulana. It helped in removing the shadows of ignorance and unawareness from the area. Then it began to be known as Dar-ul-Uloom Ta’leem ul Qur’an instead of Anjuman Ta’leem ul Quran. Dar ul Uloom not only showed the right path to the people in the field of education but also introduced genuine reformation in the intellectual thought process. That is why the lovers of knowledge, as per the tradition of the Holy Prophet, SAWW. very honestly transferred to the other fellow beings the trust, i.e. desired religious knowledge and very earnestly discharged the duty of spreading religious education to the masses. Darul Uloom has the privilege of producing hundreds and thousands of Ulema, Huffaz and Qurra who are now serving Islam in various capacities such as Khateebs, Qazis, Judges and religious education teachers. In fact, a large majority of people from Azad Kashmir and abroad has benefited from this institution and serving their compatriots in many forms and formations.

In view of the quantum of religious education already being imparted by the Darul Uloom, and a need to supplement it with modern sciences, it has now decided to start a university, in the name of Jamia Kashmir Al Islamia, which will be embedded with religious and temporal education simultaneously, with a number of relevant disciplines such as Islamic Law, Islamic Studies, Arabic Literature, and from contemporary studies; Information Technology, Islamic Banking and finance besides Dars-e-Nizami

Currently around 700 students are studying various disciplines of the institution and 58 teaching staff is busy imparting education and building their character in the Islamic way

Mission Statement

The university has a multipurpose mission as follows:

  • To establish the Islamic University as the premier seat of learning in Kashmir with special emphasis on religious education such as Hadith, Fiqh, Islamic History, Islamic Civilization and Social Sciences etc.
  • To highlight and define the Islam in the changing modern times to the whole human life, thought and action.
  • To provide a sound intellectual and scholastic foundation for the economic and technological development of Muslim Umma within the framework of values, ideals, principles and practices of Islam.
  • To produce skilled personnel for the effective implementation of Islamic norms and values and management of country’s institutions as per teachings of Islam.
  • To develop cooperation and promote mutual understanding among various institutions working for advancement of Islamic learning and knowledge in different parts of the world for the realization of common objectives.
  • To study and interpret the teachings of Islam in the context of intellectual and scientific progress of the modern age

In a nutshell, the basic and main objective of the university is to guide and train the Muslim Umma in the light of the teachings of

Construction Work in Jamiah

For quite some time, this area could not show the desired progress as the Institution had been concentrating on the education side. While it has registered record and remarkable success in the religious and educational field, it has been lagging behind in the field of construction, due to paucity of funds. Keeping all the present requirements in view, Jamia has prepared a Master Plan, the estimated cost of which is around four crore rupees. The new building consisting of 28 rooms has already been completed. At present, Jamia is in urgent need of more class rooms as well as boarding houses for both male and female students, the first phase of which will cost Rs. 3,000,000.00 ( Thirty lacs only). Each room being constructed as per the master plan costs about Rs. 100,000.00 ( One lac only). Those who are financially well off are requested to take part in this sacred task by providing funds for constructing at least one room in the name of their deceased forefathers and thus arrange Continual Charity (Sadqa-a-Jaria) for them

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Jamia Darul Uloom was founded
in the year 1934.


Around 700 students are studying various


Jamia have Around 58 professional
teaching staff.