Today, Islam is under great threat from its enemies and adversaries. Not only so but besides Jews and Christian, it is also maligned by those who claim to be its true followers. Islamic art, values, culture and traditions are trampled in the name of free thinking. The beautiful image of Islam is being distorted under the excuse of modern and enlightened thinking. Materialism and atheism are two deadly weapons used against Islam. New and intricate methods have been designed to mar and malign Islam. Every effort is made by its enemies to find fault with Islam. Therefore it has become need of the hour to strengthen those institutions, who are out to combat the forces of evil.

Gentlemen: Boarding and lodging of over 700 students, with free clothing, medical treatment, payment of stipends to students and salaries to a staff of 58 people is solely arranged by the Jamia. It is obvious that such huge non developmental expenditures can not be defrayed with the meager income of the Jamia. Therefore, it is earnestly appealed to the well off and charitable persons to come forward and help this historic religious institution through; sadqaat, zakat and other forms of donations and become a partner to this pious task.

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UBL 100-0784-3(1438)
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