Jamia Darul Uloom Al Islamia

Jamia Darul Uloom Al Islamia Kashmir is supervising and have implemented various educational and welfare projects in Pakistan.

Madrasa Arabia Taleem Ul Quran

Dar-ul-Uloom is an old institution and those having completed education from it and who have adopted various careers, have also established Madrassas, in their respective areas. These madrassas are patronized by Darul Uloom. However, a full fledged branch in the name of Madrassa Arabia Ta’aleem-ul-Qur’an, has been established in Sehnsa, District Kotli, which is directly supervised by Dar-ul-Uloom.

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Al Sheikh Yousuf Trust

Al Shaikh Yousaf Trust was established in the wake of 2005 devastating earthquake in which thousands of people died and hundreds got injured. To soothe the wounds of those injured, there existed no institution either in government or in private sector. Al Shaikh Yousaf Trust was established under those circumstances. The charitable people generously helped the victims under the aegis of this Trust.

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Adduha Institute

Adduha Institute was established in 2004 by the supervision and prayers of Shaikh-ul-Hadith Hazrat Molana Muhammad Yousuf Sahib,( May Allah enlighten his grave) under the custody of Dar-ul-Uloom, Taleem-ul-Quran, Palandri. Nine batches have passed matriculation with Quariat course. A junior section, named Adduha Rozat-ul-Atfal, was started in 2005 by the demand of the public.

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Jamia Lil Binat

Like boys, Darul Uloom provided facilities to acquire religious education to girls also and founded Jamia Islamia Lilbinat, about twenty years back. It has a number of branches in Azad Kashmir. A number of Hafizat, Qariat and Aalmat, who completed religious education from this institution are rendering invaluable service in schools, colleges, universities and various other walks of life. May Allah accept their service (Ameen).

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