To meet the residential requirements  of the students, an eye catching  block consisting of two-storey building has been built, which is being further expanded.

Boarding & Lodging

All the students are provided neat and clean fully furnished accommodation, along with free breakfast and two time meals.

Computer Lab

Equipped with all facilities, the computer lab can be used by the students for internet.

Monthly Stipends

With other specific facilities, the students who obtain positions in Wafaq are also given special cash prize of Rs, 10,000.00.


Students are provided phone facility to contact their friends, family and relatives at actual cost.


A dispensary has been set up for the students of the Jamia, where they are provided first aid and treatment of ordinary ailments. For serious diseases, treatment is arranged in other hospitals.


For the physical fitness of the students, there is a spacious play ground where students play various games, between Asar and Maghrab


Because of electricity crisis in whole of the country in general and Azad Kashmir in particular, a standby generator has been arranged, to avoid wastage of students’ time.

Salient Features

Salient Features of Jamia Darul uloom Al Islamia, Pallandri in a nutshell

  • Arrangement for moral and spiritual training
  • English and Arabic as medium of instructions.
  • Training for Physical Fitness
  • Monthly educational Progress Report to parents.
  • Counsels from prominent Ulema and Educationists.
  • The facility of Gym and Play Ground for bodily health.
  • A Library bedecked with rare and invaluable books for study and research.
  • A Standby Generator
  • Lectures by Eminent Scholars from Religious Schools and Universities.
  • A beautiful contrast of Religious and Contemporary education.
  • Practical Exercises
  • Monthly Tests and their Record.
  • Free of Cost Boarding and Lodging Facilities.
  • An Adequate Dispensary for Emergency Treatment.
  • Stipends for Needy and Hardworking Students

Activities in Jamia

Progress in the field of education is amply supplemented by extra curricular activities. No doubt, all reading and no play makes Jack a dull boy. These activities greatly help build up students’ character, straighten their conversation and develop confidence in them.

The Jamia laid special emphasis on this aspect of life and learning.

Bazme Adab has been set up to arrange healthy competition in debates, along with competition in writing essays on various relevant topics. This widens the area of knowledge.

After Eisha prayer on every Friday, a session is arranged under the watchful eyes of an experienced teacher, in which every student takes part in recitation of holy Qur’an, Na’at Khawani, speech making; after thorough preparation. Students have access to books and cassettes for preparation.